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Dior Sunglasses

Sunglasses make our life comfortable and easy when we go outside areas they protect us from the UV rays of the sun. If you want to stay in the outside areas on sunny days without many shields from the harmful rays of sun, it can destroy the surface of eyes to raise the prospect of eye disease. Ophthalmologists’ advice uses sunglasses and caps when you went to the outsides during the sunny days.

The amazing thing is that you don’t need to pay up extra money on protection of your eye. LIL STOCK gives you top quality Dior sunglasses so light according to the demand of the customer. Dior Sunglasses have the 100% polarized lenses they can easily protect from the rays of sunlight.

Why did you choose the Dior Sunglasses?

UV Protection

Dior Sunglasses men protect you from the dangerous UV rays of sun. Once only both plastic and glass lenses absorb UV rays and that protects your eyes from the UV rays. Always remember to pick sunglasses that block 98 to 99 % of the UV rays. LIL STOCK provides you 100% block of Dior Sunglasses.

Lens Width

Width of Dior Sunglass Lens is 63 mm (about 2.37inches) and Lens Height is  55 mm Temple Length: 14-50 mm, Bridge Width: 17 mm

Care for Dior Sunglasses

To escape damage, never and ever clean your Dior sunglasses so real alongside paper clothing and towels, and also escape using detergents or soaps.

Check the quality of the sunglasses

The variety of the tint and the lens are very important. Check for a smooth tint to some extent other than the black one. You can grip the arm’s length of sunglasses and, by a forward line, see by the lenses at a distance to check the edge of the door. So all quality Dior sunglasses are available according to the demand of the customer.


Does the lens scratch easily?

  • No, the lens does not scratch.

Do protect from the UV Rays?

  • Yes of course Fendi sunglasses can be protected from UV rays.

Black color of sunglasses available?

  • Yes, every color o sunglasses available.

What is our return policy?

  • Kindly Note: Men made harm is not secure, such as damage to later usage or water damage.
  • On The off Chance a certain You Are not satisfied with our product You Can exchange That Item, yet the customer is liable for Further Transportation Charges.
  • In The Event That you wish to exchange damaged or Erroneously Transported Items, You Can act this:
  • Email us around 7 business days.
  • Mail the image to us with the problem of the product along with details.
  • Post the Flawed or Inaccurately Sent product To Us with a Following Number, Next We Will bring The alter things right Away.

What is our Shipping Policy?

Shipping Timing is about 5-10 business days.

  • LIL STOCK transports the products through DHL.
  • Whenever a package is scanned and delivered, LIL STOCK is not responsible for the replacement.


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