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Dior Scarf For Men & Women

Before as well as winter come, Men try to want a warm and comfortable scarf and shawls. The scarf and shawls are a fundamental accessory for male and female apparel. At the same time, stylish and practical it is not ever simple to select one that fits entirely. Most people check the color, material, style and brand, selecting a scarf can any time is a real headache. Women want a very beautiful and decent scarf because they want to match their dress.

LIL STOCK has the best experience in fashion designing and clothing. Our online merch always has top quality decent and beautiful colors and branded products. LIL STOCK gives you the top quality warm and comfortable of Dior Scarf, according to a range of customers.

Which materials of Dior scarf made of?

The material of the scarf is one of the most important things for a purchaser who wants to shop for a stylish and lasting Dior mitzah scarf. The Dior mitzah scarf is made of cotton polyester damask silky wooly and acrylic.

What is the size of the Dior Monogram scarf?

The size of Dior Monogram scarf is another some other important thing you have to consult in purchasing it. The classic Dior Monogram Scarf is 80 cm and the typical size of shawl is 170 cm. Although the sizes of scarf or shawls depend upon the purchaser’s desire.

How many colors of Dior Scarf are available

After material and size, the third most important thing is the color of Dior monogram silk scarf. A mostly girls the colors of the scarf wants to match with her clothing colors. LIL STOCK provides you with every light and dark color such as black white yellow green red pink baby pink and some other colors available according to the requirements of the customer.


Is the Dior Scarf only for men?

  • No, the Dior scarf is for both men and women.

Can this scarf worn as a tie top?

  • Of course this can be worn as a tie top.

What is our return policy?

  • Kindly Note: Men made harm is not secure, such as damage to later usage or water damage.
  • On The off Chance a certain You Are not satisfied with our product You Can exchange That Item, yet the customer is liable for Further Transportation Charges.
  • In The Event That you wish to exchange damaged or Erroneously Transported Items, You Can act this:
  • Email us around 7 business days.
  • Mail the image to us with the problem of the product along with details.
  • Post the Flawed or Inaccurately Sent product To Us with a Following Number, Next We Will bring The alter things right Away.

What is our Shipping Policy?

Shipping Timing is about 5-10 business days.

  • LIL STOCK transports the products through DHL.
  • Whenever a package is scanned and delivered, LIL STOCK is not responsible for the replacement.







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